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Stallion service 




ASH 197809 

DOB 21/10/2011

Brown Stallion

I spent years watching his sire Kahmoo Kendjra (deceased) campdraft (pictured, last photo) and was taken by the horse's agility, ability and strength. His ability to get to and rate his cow was awesome to watch and when this green colt was presented to me I took the chance and now am bringing Skeeter along competing in Campdrafting and Challenges with  longevity in mind. 

Campdrafters who were doing so (well before I was even thinking about the idea of competing),  have said that as well as his Sire's bloodlines speaking for themselves, his Dams father, Creswood Rivoli All Talk was one very good Drafter. 

Skeeter is a very balanced horse, calm, willing and has a temperament that I just love. 

He also reminds me of the big but athletic and lithe horses we used to use for mustering all day the stock camp on Indiana Station, NT.  

"A very athletic, talented and intelligent colt with just a bit of mongrel in him.... exactly what you need to make a great Campdrafter"
Paul Wardell - Silverthorn Stock Horses.

" Definately keep going with him, he's an athletic long horse with a great stride, what we need to put over our talented small mares to produce Campdrafters who can chase cattle easily."

Pete Comiskey - Peter Comiskey Campdrafting

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